Make crypto work for you with up to 14% APY

A crypto savings account* for those who value the advantages of holding their savings the smart way

Total amount credited
Trusted security
Operating securely since 2018 with cold wallet storage
Daily profits
Watch your interest compound live every day
Flexible conditions
Withdraw your сrypto at any moment**
6+ years on the market
Delivering consistent yield to satisfied clients since 2018

*not attributed to banking services

**see account types on different interest loss clauses

Calculate your passive income with Coinhold

Available from $100
Fixed APY 14%
Flexible APY 10%
Earn to 14% on USDT

Security isn’t just a feature – it’s a foundation

Recognized as a trustworthy partner, we are the preferred choice for HNWI and B2B companies
Regular Penetration Testing exercises
Performed by independent providers and risk-based remediation of findings
Strict adherence of products and services to regulatory requirements and compliance with AML/CTF principles
Live support 24/7
Solves any questions within 15 minutes
CISO Office inside company
Security incident response management
Strengthening user access with an additional layer of protection

Predictable results through tested strategies

This synergy between team growth and enhanced mining capabilities is a testament to the efficiency of our revenue-generating model
Correlation between hash rate and the number of employees

Our revenue model revolves around financing liquidity for our own enterprise, EMCD This strategic approach is how we deliver the promised returns to our stakeholders.

We keep growing on all fronts: our team expanded from 70 to 150 members in just six months, and we saw a 2x increase in the hash rate and profitability of our mining pool over the same period.

Today, quality design doesn't surprise anyone. But we do.


Coinhold is brought to you by EMCD — one of the top 7 mining pools in the world

Michael JerlisMichael Jerlis

We don't believe in a zero-sum game — we built a system where everyone wins.

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How Coinhold works

Supported Cryptocurrencies
Annual Return
Interest payments
Partial Withdrawal
Early closure

Please note that all withdrawals from your Coinhold savings account* (including partial withdrawals and early closure) take 24 hours. EMCD freezes the withdrawal amount for this period to process your request before it appears in your wallet.

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